"ITV has a very strong brand, and a highly valued IP", Mike Large, acting group director of Communications at ITV, has exclusively told Pocket-lint.

The comments come in light of the Apple rumours, and we stress rumours, that it is rebranding its Apple TV device as "iTV" around the globe, to better fit with its "i" prefixed branding.

"We have a large number of registered trademarks for ITV and are a household brand of over 50 years", Large was keen to stress when we asked whether the broadcaster would take on Apple if it used the iTV moniker.

Although ITV repeatedly told us that it wouldn't be drawn into commenting directly on whether or not it will actively fight Apple - if the Cupertino based company does in fact use iTV - Large did confirm that it has "vigorously defended" it's IP in the past.

When asked about whether or not ITV would licence the name to Apple, in the same way Cisco originally did with the iPhone name, Large said that he felt that would "muddy the waters", suggesting that wouldn't be an option.

Apple could of course stick with the Apple TV name in the UK, but change the name to iTV in the US and the rest of the world, something it has yet to do with a product before, but an option opted for by a number of its competitors in other cases.

Motorola, Samsung, HTC, and Canon all have different names for their products in different territories.

Do you think Apple will go ahead with the iTV rebranding (if it's true)? And do you think the move would benefit ITV? Let us know in the comments below...