ITV is to launch a campaign to educate TV viewers that it's now got its very own HD channel.

The station, which launched on 2 April, has used ITV stalwarts Ant and Dec to tell viewers that while they might not get the idea of HD, it's basically better, brighter, more dramatic and as if "you are really there."

The advert sees Ant and Dec walk through a series of different locations ending up on a football pitch, showing just who ITV expects to want to watch HD footage in the run up to the World Cup.

"Beyond the functional benefits, high definition heightens the emotional benefit of the ITV1 channel brand itself. 'The Brighter Side Just Got Brighter' is therefore how we’re celebrating the arrival of ITV1 in high definition", says David Pemsel, group marketing director of ITV.

The ad ends showing a taller Dec and a beefier Ant (or is it the other way around), something strangely HD can't promise.

Sky has long since struggled to show people the capabilities of its HD service on an SD platform. In the past it has used a series of approaches with the latest being a light fantastic show of colour to get the message across.