Way back in March, Dreamworks CEO Jeff Katzenberg announced that the future is 3D, and that his company would be pumping $30m dollars a year into 3D technology.

Katzenberg said then that he plans to make all of Dreamworks' future films in 3D.

The company's latest animated movie, Monsters vs. Aliens, will open in the US in March 2009 and be shown in 3D where available.

But now the company had detailed more of its plans, announcing a tie-up with Intel resulting in a 3D movie image brand called InTru 3D.

"The quality and creativity of where Intel is headed is light years ahead of what we've seen anybody else doing", Katzenberg said.

"The real promise of 3-D is an immersive experience, not an observational experience", he added.

And thanks to this next gen technology, all of DreamWorks's films from next year will be in 3D.

"This is the next innovation for the movie industry," Katzenberg told Reuters.

"It impacts how we make our movies, how movie theaters present our films and how audiences experience our films."