When we reviewed the Humax PVR-9300T back in September, one of the most notable problems we found with the unit was the over-bearing noise from the cooling fan. Well it seems these comments have not fallen on deaf ears, and today Humax have outlined their intention to address the problem.

"We have discovered that this issue is a result of the fan settings, which are causing the fan to be in operation more than is necessary for the PVR-9300T to run effectively and safely", the statement reads.

"Humax has assigned a team of developers to upgrade the PVR-9300T software with Smart Fan Control functionality to resolve this problem ... From October, all new Humax PVR-9300T models will be manufactured with the new Smart Fan Control software and in November Humax will run an over-the-air upgrade for all existing PVR-9300T models currently being used in the UK."

Hats off to Humax, firstly for accepting the feedback and secondly for doing something about it. This is just the sort of action that justifies their extensive


base (groan)...

Be sure to check out our review, link below.