Humax has launched two limited editions of its 19-inch LCD
TV, now available in a contemporary gloss white finish.

The LGB19-DTT and LGB19-DZT are angled as the ideal smaller widescreen TVs for second rooms such as bedrooms or kitchens.

The white Humax LGB19-DTT and LGB19-DZT both have integrated Freeview, for access to over 50 free radio and TV channels without the need for a set-top box.

An HDMI slot also means each model can be connected to any HD games console or high-def DVD player while both TVs can also double up as PC monitors.

The LGB19-DZT offers additional audio features, including "simulated" surround sound and integrated digital hi-fi sound system. The LGB19-DZT also comes with a built-in alarm clock and snooze features.

The new models are available to buy online from today, priced at £299 and £329 respectively.