Both the Humax LP32-TDR1 and LP40-TDR1 LCD TV models announced today have built-in twin tuner digital recorders and have achieved Freeview Playback status.

Freeview Playback is the latest way to enjoy digital TV, enabling viewers to watch and record over 40 free digital TV channels for just the cost of the set-top box.

The Freeview Playback standard guarantees viewers a fantastic range of features, including schedule tracking and auto-buffering for accurate recording.

Live pause and instant rewind give viewers additional control over what they are watching, so if the phone rings during a film or someone talks over a crucial scene, one press of the remote can freeze or rewind the action.

The Humax LP32-TDR1 and LP40-TDR1 both come with a built in 160GB hard drive, so the integrated Freeview Playback digital TV recorder can record over 80 hours of programming, ensuring viewers need never miss their favourite TV show again.

The Humax LP32-TDR1 and LP40-TDR1 offer a range of additional features, including: picture in picture viewing; digital text and interactive services; a HDMI slot for
HD equipment; Dolby Digital 5.1 sound; and a CI slot, so viewers can upgrade to even more TV channels.

The LP32-TDR1 with Freeview Playback should cost £699.99 while the LP40-TDR1 with Freeview Playback will be around £999.99.