Humax claims it’s the first digital television recorder manufacturer to pass the Freeview Playback Group 2 standard.

Boasting about the news in a statement to the press, the company says that both its Humax PVR-9200TB and PVR-9200TS models meet the new standard, which guarantees digital TV viewers the very latest recording features.

The most notable of the new features is the much loved Sky plus feature Series link that allows viewers to programme their DTR to automatically record every episode of a series, at the touch of a button.

Other features include split recording that enables viewers to record two-part programmes that may have a break in the middle for a news bulletin, such as films

Humax will also ensure that existing PVR-9200T owners will be able to enjoy the new Freeview Playback Group 2 features, through an automatic, over-the-air software download.

The Freeview Playback Group 2 PVR-9200T range will be available on UK high streets, with each model priced at around £229.99.