Humax has extended its new range of IDTVs with the launch of a HD-ready, 32in LCD TV. The new LU32-TD1, which comes in a black finish, has a 32in flat screen and a built-in digital tuner so they won't need an additional set-top box.

The launch of the LU32-TD1 follows the introduction of Humax’s latest 20”, 23” and 26” LCD TVs in August and September this year.

The LU32-TD1 comes with an 8-day Electronic Programme Guide (EPG); digital text and interactive services; and Dolby Digital output.

However the new model only features one HDMI slot for HD viewing alongside four AV inputs to enable viewers to connect the TV to a camcorder, digital camera, PC, satellite or cable set-top box.

Humax has said the price of the television is £749 however a company spokesman told Pocket-lint that it is available online for less.