Humax has updated its PVR-9200T Personal Video Recorder (PVR) that imitates many some of the features already found on Sky's Sky+ service.

The new features, found in the PVR-9200T include Chase Play, which enables users to start watching a programme while it is still being recorded, rather than having to wait for it to finish.

The second feature is called Auto Padding, which allows users to extend the start and end times of recordings automatically, so they don’t miss out on a crucial opening or closing scene if programme schedules over-run.

The enhanced Humax PVR-9200T, which features a 160GB hard drive built in is available in the UK from 22nd August 2006. Existing PVR-9200T users can upgrade their PVR to include the latest features by visiting the Humax website to obtain the software download.