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(Pocket-lint) - Set-top box specialist Humax has announced that it is bringing the Tivizen DVB-T Wi-Fi receiver to the UK.

The Tivizen, in case you're not familiar, is a small device that can fit in your pocket, or slip into your bag, and has a flexible antenna that can pick up DVB-T/TNT/DTT programmes wirelessly. The idea is that it can bring live TV slap bang on to your iOS or Android device using Wi-Fi connectivity and a free app.

If that rings a bell (or looks familiar) then it's because it's a similar setup and shares similar aesthetic qualities (ie, it looks exactly the same) as the Equinux Tizi Freeview transmitter that Pocket-lint got hands-on with back in December 2010. That's because they are manufactured by the same company, Valups.

Valups develops home multimedia products that Humax Digital invested in,  in January 2008.

The Tivizen DVB-T Wi-Fi receiver has an integrated Wi-Fi module, and transmits its own network, which is pre-configured. The signals are decoding using its ARM 9 processor and then beamed (via the free app) on to your Apple or Android device. 

It's powered by a Li-Ion battery that should give you around 3.5 hours of life. You charge via its mini-USB adaptor and it can be left plugged into your PC or Mac for longer viewing sessions.

Graham North, commercial director of Humax UK, said: "The Tivizen Wi-Fi receiver is the ideal complement to the Humax range, offering more choice in how and when to watch TV and extending the viewing experience outside of the home."

If you can get a decent signal, that is.

Available now, the Tivizen WiFi DVB-T will cost you £99.95.

Writing by Paul Lamkin. Originally published on 16 April 2013.