Humax has confirmed that it is releasing a new Over The Air (OTA) update for its Humax HDR-Fox T2 set top box bringing with it a stack of new features and capabilities.

New features include:

- Record a programme while watching another if they are broadcast on the same multiplex

- Record any programme while watching one that they have stored on the USB device

- Live pause and rewind - in case you need to answer the phone or replay a crucial scene

- Series recording - to automatically record all the episodes of your favourite shows

- Schedule tracking - so recordings start and finish on time

- Split recordings - for two-part programmes that have a break in the middle, such as films

The update also includes HDMI improvements, EPG Find lockup issues resolved, corrupt recording names resolved and more...

The features were first announced in September. Humax says that those just buying the PVR will be getting the new features automatically. 

"All new boxes sold will include the PVR Functionality", the company said in a statement.