Humax has announced a nice little addition to its HD-Fox T2 Freeview HD set top box - the ability to use the device as a PVR.

Using an over-the-air software upgrade and your own external hard drive, you'll be able to turn your simple Freeview HD box into a recorder, just like its bigger brother - the HDR-Fox T2.

The software upgrade is free for existing users, so if you've got an external HDD lying about, then it's a no-brainer really.

As well as recording your shows, you'll also have the usual PVR functionalities like pausing live TV and rewinding TV shows. You'll also be able to series-record, record shows whilst watching back a recorded programme, and record a programme while watching another if they are broadcast on the same multiplex

If you buy a HD-Fox T2 from October onwards, the box will already have the new software on board.

The device costs around £150 and its a product that Pocket-lint gave a favourable review to back in February when it was launched.