Humax outlined on Wednesday the details of its next generation Freesat receiver boxes, the FOXSAT-HD2 and the FOXSAT-HDR2.

As well as the normal satellite receiver functions, including access to free HD content, the FOXSAT-HD2 will provide access to online catchup TV services, such as BBC iPlayer, which we saw working on the current generation of Freesat recorder, the FOXSAT-HD, available on the Cello iViewer also announced on Wednesday.

Humax went a step further, saying that it'd be able to offer access to other TV services, such as ITV Player, assuming agreement with ITV is reached by the anticipated launch of the HD2 in Q3 2010.

You'll also be able to stab a USB stick into the back to turn the HD2 into a simple PVR, and play content from a connected external hard drive.

The FOXSAT-HDR2 adds 500GB internal hard drive to the mix, giving you the option to record all your favourites, rivalling the offering of Sky+ HD.

Like the FOX-HD2 Freeview HD box announced at the same time on Wednesday, the FOXSAT-HD2 also has eyes on your home networking, so you'll be able to pick up content from a home media server to play your content on your TV.

Humax detailed that it planned to make its boxes into both clients and servers, so in the future you'll be able to stream content between boxes around the house.

Prices are yet to be confirmed.