Humax has outlined the details of the forthcoming HD-FOX T2, set to be one of the hottest Freeview HD boxes out there, but it will set you back around £170.

It will receive broadcast HD signals (MPEG4 AVC/H.264 and MPEG2), which will come in via your terrestrial aerial, without the need for dishes or subscriptions.

It also boasts upscaling to 1080p at 50Hz, so received content will be output as 1080p/50 content, meaning the broadcaster can change the signal (for example for films) without an interruption for the viewer.

Looking to clean up on the home networking front too, it will also be able to collect content on your network and pump it through to your TV. We don't have details of all the formats supported, but judging by the other specs detailed, it will cover streaming of MP3s, JPEGs, Xvid, AVI, and the already mentioned MPEG video formats, with WMV not covered.

With a USB slot, you'll be able to record direct to a USB stick to use it as a simple PVR too, as well as being able to play content from an external hard drive, although Humax did say these latter functions wouldn't be available at launch, but through an update later in the year.

The Ethernet connection on the back will mean there is potential to expand the functionality in the future, to cover online solutions like the BBC's iPlayer, which Humax today demoed. The Humax HD-FOX T2 will be available in Q1 2010, with the rollout of Freeview HD slated for March 2010 in some areas.

A DVB-T2 HD Digital Recorder will also be available looking to launch with a 500GB HDD to record your content, borrow experience from their popular Foxsat devices. The price has not been set for this box yet, as it is expected to appear in Q2 2010.

The new settop boxes will be DVB-T and DVB-T2 compatible.