HP has announced a wrath of new products ranging from printers to digital music players and home entertainment gear.

Hewlett-Packard has also finally announced the launch of its iPod, identical in virtually everyway to Apple's iPod the new player will sport the HP logo on the back and come with the option of putting stickers called “Printable Tattoos” all over it. Hp will ship the hPod in the US on the 15th September, with one sticker in the box. They will also be selling special die-cast stickers that you can print on to make your own designs. It seems that the days of any colour as long as its white will well and truly be over.

Other announcements included HPs first venture into the home entertainment arena. Announcing new large-screen plasma and LCD TVs to compete against other PC companies such as Gateway and Dell. Initial models will include a 26in and 40in LCD TV and two 42in HighDefinition plasmas.

On the home projector side HP has also announced the HP EP9010 Instant Cinema Digital Projector that adds a DVD player and 2.1 channel sound system into the mix. Although judging by pictures we've seen it looks a hefty beast the notion of being able to carry it around room to room and not having to carry the accompanying DVD player and cables makes sense to us.

Not forgetting its core business HP has also announced a range of new printers covering everything from all-in-one units to photo printers.

HP has yet to set release dates or pricing for the UK market.