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(Pocket-lint) - Hisense has been on the UK TV market scene for a couple of years now, with the manufacturer setting its sights on the upper mid-range market. The company's philosophy is to deliver much of the same technology that's found in high-end sets from the likes of Samsung and LG, but make them more affordable and accessible for the average consumer.

The introduction of the 55M6600 is the latest testament to that, as it packs in a 55in 4K HDR screen in a body with a subtle curve for a penny short of £700. A similar set from Samsung or LG would cost well over £1000.

Hisense has chosen to create a subtle curved, as opposed to a more drastic one, as it means it can be accommodated in most rooms with relative ease, while bringing the benefits of added depth and immersion to whatever you're watching. And because it's only a subtle curve, more people sitting around the TV will get a good image, rather than having just one 'sweet spot'.

The company says the 4K HDR panel on the M6600 is more than capable of "extending the range of colours available for enhanced realism in the picture" and that it can deliver "stunning levels of contrast".

The M6600 runs on a quad-core processor, so should be pretty slick in operation and it comes with a full suite of video on-demand apps to get you up and running, including Netflix, Amazon Video and YouTube, all of which support 4K content, as well as BBC iPlayer and Wuaki.tv.

Hisense has also installed DBX-TV's Total Technology as an audio upgrade over the regular speakers you'd normally find in flat-screen TVs. The technology is made up of three areas: Total Sonics, which claims to provide a customised frequency response, "dynamic bass boost" and 3D sound for overall clarity; Total Volume which keeps sound levels consistent, instead of fluctuating across channels and Total Surround which is said to "create an enveloping sound stage for a truly cinematic experience".

It sounds like another compelling package from Hisense, and the 55M6600 is avaiable now from Amazon and AO.com for £699.99.

Writing by Max Langridge. Originally published on 27 October 2016.