As the Office of Fair Trading launched its investigation into the BBC, ITV and Channel 4 joint video on demand service, Project Kangaroo, ITV chairman Michael Grade grumbled in a letter about how "non-UK companies like Google and Apple are free to build market dominating positions on line in the UK without so much as a regulatory murmur".

So it is ironic that the project is today celebrating winning the support of none other than Google.

According to Media Week, Google has publicly given its support for Kangaroo going as far as to say that it would like to "partner" with the new service.

Google made the statement in its submission to the Competition Commission, which is looking at Project Kangaroo in terms of impact on the industry.

Says Media Week: "Google said it would not expect the joint venture to have any negative impact on competition or customers".

However, not all are so happy about the proposed launch of Project Kangaroo.

Online video provider Joost outlined its opposition in its submission to the Competition Commission saying that the partners of the project - the BBC, ITV and Channel 4, would be able to cross promote the service, which would be unfair on competing video on demand services.

The Competition Commission is expected to publish its report into Kangaroo early next year.