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(Pocket-lint) - We've known that Google's got a new generation of its popular Chromecast media streaming devices coming for some time now, and the codename (or official name, it's slightly hard to tell) Sabrina has been waved around a lot, too. 

Now we've got another concrete sign that something is coming down the pike from Google, and it's something that sounds mighty like a new Google Chromecast with a fancy remote to boot.


9to5Google has spotted that Google's made two new applications to the FCC in America, for approval for two new wireless devices with model numbers GZRNL and G9N9N.

The former model has more details, and is labelled as a "Interactive Media Streaming Device", which sounds about as close to a Chromecast as you can get in the technicalese required for a filing. 

The second product is simply called a "Wireless Device", which is harder to parse, but 9to5Google has pointed out that the description of a "power cover" in the listing is suggestive of a smaller device that operates using replaceable batteries, which, again, sounds like a remote. 

Although both listings do involve photographs of the relevant devices, which would obviously dispel any confusion, those are just some of the many elements of the applications which are locked behind barriers to protect confidentiality.

By the time that confidentiality lapses in January 2021, we should hopefully have known the full details of Google Sabrina for months. 

Writing by Max Freeman-Mills.