When digital movie locker service UltraViolet announced that it was closing for good, it also revealed that it would enable migration of existing libraries to other services.

And, for UV movie users in the UK, that means moving your Flixster films to Google Play. It's easy and, most recently, more films have been added to the supported list.

So, don't delay - it is a very simple task to migrate nigh-on every one of your UV movies to Google and it's free.

Here's how to do it...

How to migrate UltraViolet films from Flixster to Google Play for free

First up, using a web browser, either on PC, Mac or mobile, you need to sign into your Flixster account here.

On that page, you will see the notice about the website closure and a big "migrate my collection" button. Click on it.


The next page will show all of your movies (and TV shows, if you have them) that are supported. You might find one or two still won't move across but, as of 21 November, the supported library expanded greatly so almost all of your films should be fine.

If you already moved some prior to November 2019, you really should check again as we've found Fox and a few additional Universal movies to now work, specifically. Maybe some others.


Next to all the films that are available to move across, you can see a "migrate" button. Click on that and it will bring up a box to choose the language or version, if you have alternatives available. Then it will take you to Google Play to redeem the content under your account.


One tip, make sure you are signed into the Google account you want to access the films through. If you have two or more Google accounts and forget to pick the right one initially, do not redeem the film on Google Play, sign out and then sign in again with the right account.

Then, head back to Flixster and, under the "migrate my collection" menu, sort the results to "synced first" using the drop bar in the top right. Then click on "verify" next to the film you tried to redeem initially. It will then take you back to Google Play for redemption again, this time under the right account.


Basically, rinse and repeat for your entire collection and they will all be available on Google Play to enjoy (hopefully) forever.

How to redeem UltraViolet films straight to Google Play

As well as offer the ability to migrate your collection, if you have a stack of UV codes that are yet to be redeemed, you can also have them stored on Google Play.

Again, this might not work with every film, due to licensing, but we have successfully done it ourselves with Sony Pictures and Universal codes.


Follow the instructions on the card inside the disc sleeve, enter the UV number into each studio's dedicated redemption page and instead of sending you to Flixster (as they all used to in the UK) you will now be given the option to redeem the movie on Google Play. Hurrah!