During its Google I/O developers conference, Google announced a new Amazon Fire TV 4K-style device which it currently calls the ADT-2.

Like the Fire TV, it is a 4K-enabled streaming dongle with TV apps, games and other Android TV features. Nice.

The only issue is that it isn't actually available to the public. Not so nice.

The Google ADT-2 is actually a device specifically made for developers in order for them to test their apps on a new version of the Android TV operating system.

It is available in limited quantities and strictly for developers from a dedicated website here. It comes preinstalled with a developer preview version of Android P.

There is also Google Assistant support built into the dongle and it can be used, therefore, to help control a smart home.

Hopefully, Google will see fit to release a consumer version later this year, although it didn't follow-up on its previous developer device, the standard def ADT-1, a few years ago.

Instead, it is likely you will see the software roll out on other devices in the near(ish) future, including smart TVs featuring Android TV and the Nvidia Shield TV.