A new leak has revealed the design of Google's upcoming Chromecast Ultra.

VentureBeat posted renders of a new Chromecast device. Google is rumoured to have developed a Chromecast capable of streaming in 4K resolution for the arrival of 4K televisions on the market. Consumers can apparently expect Google to unveil its 4K-capable Chromecast, which is thought to be called Chromecast Ultra, on 4 October during the Made By Google event.

The newly leaked renders show a Chromecast device that looks very similar the second-generation model introduced in 2015. The major difference between the two is that the Chrome logo on the HDMI dongle has been replaced by a subtle "G". Keep in mind Google is marketing its October event under the "Made by Google" tagline, which suggests everything we see at the show will be Google-branded and maybe even Google-made.

Up until now, it was unclear if the next Chromecast would feature a redesign, as Google drastically changed the design last year with the release of Chromecast 2. Google launched the first Chromecast in 2013. It's an affordable HDMI dongle that lets you wirelessly "cast" content to a television. It basically makes most TVs smart. Then, in 2015, Google launched Chromecast 2. It's faster, more responsive, and just as affordable.

While the first Chromecast looked like a basic USB stick, Chromecast 2 brought an all-new look, with the purpose of making it easier to squeeze between ports behind your TV. It's a small, plastic, hockey-puck-shaped device with a glossy and colourful front and matte bottom.

Apart from support for 4K streams, little is known about the Chromecast Ultra's specifications. Android Police reported it will be available for $69, and it will be sold alongside the Chromecast 2 that streams in 1080p for $35.

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