(Pocket-lint) - Chromecast-like functionality is being built into TV sets from Vizio and others.

According to Variety, Google and Vizio have been working together to add Chromecast into Vizio's new TVs coming out this spring, thus eliminating the need to offer up standard smart TV features such as an interface with on-screen apps. So, with this setup, you'll be able to send streaming video and music from a smartphone or computer to your TV with a simple button tap.

Google and Vizio might also include a smart remote instead of a traditional remote. The remote will actually be an Android-based tablet that doubles as a dedicated remote control. It will be pre-loaded with apps from media services as well as a programming guide with content recommendations. Vizio will either included this tablet free of charge or ditch the idea altogether.

Vizio is a California-based electronics maker best known for its affordable flat screen TVs. The company hasn't yet made the jump to the UK, so Brits likely won't be able to get their hands on these new sets. But according to Variety, Google is working with at least one other manufacturer on building televisions with casting features. It is not yet known which manufacturer is on board.

Entire televisions will obviously be more expensive than the Chromecast, a $35 dongle that plugs into the back of TVs. Google's streaming device launched a few years ago, was recently updated, and has been a surprise success.

Writing by Elyse Betters.