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(Pocket-lint) - The second generation of Google's Chromecast appears to have leaked revealing details that suggest we can expect a big upgrade.

The Chromecast 2 details were leaked to 9to5google which says the device was simply referred to as the "new Chromecast". So what's new?

For a start Google appears to have changed the shape, leaving behind the dongle form factor of the original. The new model appears round according to the source. The changes go far deeper though.

One upgrade that will be welcome is enhanced Wi-Fi. What that specifically will be isn't clear but since the previous generation didn't have 802.11ac we'd expect that in the new model – meaning faster connections over Wi-Fi.

On the software side of things Google will apparently introduce "feeds" onto the "backdrop" screensaver mode. Presumably this will mean social media feeds displayed on the screen when in stand-by mode.

Another extra is "Fast Play". It's not clear what this is but 9to5google posits that this could be a quicker connection establishing time. So from pressing the Cast button to connecting may no longer include frustrating connection times.

9to5googlethis is the google chromecast 2 and it looks bonkers image 2

Google is also reportedly planning to launch "Chromecast Audio". This will apparently allow users to plug a Chromecast into an audio device via an audio jack. This could turn all the speakers in a home into a multiroom system that mirrors Chrome or Android audio in "high-quality". With Spotify apparently planning to launch Chromecast support this could be a big deal.

The Google Chromecast 2 looks set to appear at a Google launch event on 29 September – when the two Nexus phones are also expected to appear.

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Writing by Luke Edwards.