Chromecast. Every time you think it has reached the limit of its capabilities, it goes and does something new.

The latest feature to emerge from the depths of Reddit, is that Chromecast will play and pause using your TV's remote control. 

For anyone who knows anything about HDMI, that's actually no surprise at all. But you have to be using an HDMI that is CEC enabled. HDMI-CEC allows controls to be passed from your TV to a connected device - normally a DVD or Blu-ray player.

There's a range of compatibility hurdles to jump through with HDMI-CEC to make sure that everything plays nice together, but so far it has been reported that BBC iPlayer, HBO Go, WatchESPN, Play Music and others are supported. 

In the future there should be wider compatibility with apps, meaning that you're not dependent on controlling what's playing using your phone - you can simply pick up your remote and hit pause.

Some might see that it's a little pointless. As you're likely to be controlling your Chromecast with your phone or tablet, it's probably not far away and with lock screen controls, it's little different to using a conventional remote.