(Pocket-lint) - Google wants Chromecast owners to stay home this Valentine's Day and rent a film.

The company has quietly launched a giveaway, in which Chromecast owners can collect up to $6 worth of Google Play credit and more. Google hasn't said how long the promotion will last and whether it's open to select people, but if you go to the giveaway's website, you'll can connect your Chromecast and instantly see if you're eligible to get offers.

After connecting your Chromecast, you'll see six redeemable promotions pop up. The first one is $6 worth of Google Play credit for enjoying a Valentine's Day film rental, while the others include an EPIX free trial, a free download of the first X-Men, three free months of DramaFever, and 90 days of free unlimited music from Google Play.


To connect your Chromecast, click the "continue" button on the first page (after agreeing to Google's terms), then get to the second page with the "select your device" button, and click that button. Make sure you're on the same network as your Chromecast, then select it from the Chromecast drop-down menu in your browser's toolbar, and that's it.

Let us know if the giveaway is available to you. We've contacted Google for more details.

UPDATE: The giveaway is available in the US, but unfortunately, it might not be in the UK. 

Writing by Elyse Betters.