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(Pocket-lint) - Android is heading to the living room, as Google looks to rebrand its failed Google TV service with Android TV. Accusing smart TVs of being pretty dumb, Google is planning on reinventing its Google TV offering as it attempts to beat devices like Apple TV and the Roku set-top boxes.

Not wanting to confuse the issue or replace Chromecast, Android TV will be "baked" into new TVs from Sony, Philips, and Sharp rather than being sold as a $35 dongle. 

Ultimately another version of Android L - the company's new version of Android - but designed especially for a TV, the new platform will work in a similar way to Android L elsewhere and let people find content quickly on their TV.

The new platform, the third time Google has launched a TV-based operating system, will be driven mainly by voice search, with you talking to your phone rather than shouting at the TV across the living room. 

Like Android phones, developers will be able to develop apps for the TV, although Google is stressing that those apps should be a "lean back" experience and controllable via a d-pad rather than using the app as a second screen experience. 

Users will be able to control their Android TV interface via an Android phone or even an Android Wear smartwatch.  

Android TV will work in a similar way to Chromecast in terms of casting content from your phone to your TV, but is not about being a replacement. 

Google says Sony, Sharp, and Philips will all support the new Android TV offering in new and current 2014 models, and we'd predict plenty of models to make an appearance at IFA 2014 in September.

There will also be a number of set-top boxes rolling out from companies like Asus. 

Android TV will be released in line with the Android L OS rollout in the autumn.

Writing by Stuart Miles.