Not only was the first episode of Game of Thrones season four revealed to be the most pirated series of a TV show ever, but it is surely the fastest to hit the streets after its broadcast run.

The last episode of the season, The Children, screened in the US on Sunday, 15 June, and in the UK a day later. Now only a few days later, the entire series, that episode included, is available to buy in standard and high definition from numerous online digital video retailers.

Google Play, Amazon Instant Video and are among those offering the entire run already, with prices starting at £1.89 each episode for the standard def version, £2.49 for the HD. The entire series can also be bought at a slight discount.

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It was previously revealed that the last episode of season 4 broke the record for the highest number of torrent downloads of a single show. Over two petabytes of data was downloaded in just 12 hours after episode 10's US screening. That equates to roughly 1.5 million downloads.

There's no surprise, therefore, that HBO and the individual retailers have been keen to offer a legal alternative so soon after.

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