It's time to celebrate, Chromecast fans, as the connected HDMI dongle is now available in more countries internationally. Google has announced Chromecast availability for Australia, Belgium, Japan, Korea, Portugal and Switzerland.

Google's Chromecast dongle is an easy way to liberate the content on your phone and play it back on your HDMI-equipped TV. It's been available in the US since mid-2013, more recently making its way to the UK.

Now that easy-sharing love is going international. Google tells us that 60 per cent of YouTube video views in Korea is via a mobile device and you could easily send that to your TV.

Google opened up the SDK for Chromecast in February 2014, meaning that third-party developers can easily integrate support on their apps. In the UK, that means that BBC iPlayer is supported, alongside the likes of YouTube and Google Play Movies.

Best of all, Chromecast doesn't care if you're using an Android handset, or iPad or iPhone. You can even use it to send mirror Chrome browser tabs from your Mac or PC.

Of course, it's a popular way to watch Netflix on the big screen too, but sadly some of you might be waiting for local support for that service for some time.

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