Movie and TV show streaming service is now available to access through Chromecast. And to celebrate, it is offering Google's device for just £10 when purchased with one of HBO's digital box-sets., part of the Rakuten group, reveals that over 80 per cent of its customers stream content through smart TVs. And it says that there has been significant demand for Chromecast support, especially by those whose TVs are not smart.

It has therefore agreed a deal with Google to have the entire catalogue available through the small, dongle-like device. offers two ways to view and stream content digitally, you can either buy or rent movies and TV shows and/or subscribe for a monthly fee to its Netflix-like all-you-can-eat Selection service. This business model allows the company to offer back catalogue shows and films for a subscription fee while still giving access to day and date digital releases.

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Its HBO box set collection available to buy (which will then be stored in your digital locker in the cloud) includes Game of Thrones, True Detective and The Sopranos. They are priced from £28.99 for a full series including the Chromecast itself.

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