Google's Chromecast dongle might soon become more feature rich.

A Reddit users has combed through Chromecast codes and discovered some features possibly in the works. In the HTML code, the user found mentions of a weather forecast function for the home screen. If officially launched, you could see current weather and the day's forecasts based on location via the Chromecast's home screen on your television. The code also revealed links to weather icons, as seen below.

chromecast s code reveals home screen weather forecasts and photos are in the works image 2

In the Javascript code, the same Reddit user found that Google is also testing new home screen topics for Chromecast such as personal photos. That means you'd be able to set your own photo as a wallpaper, among other things. We've contacted Google for a comment on these yet-to-be-announced features, and we'll update when more information becomes available.

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Google first released Chromecast in 2013, allowing users to stream songs, movies, pictures, and other content from apps on a mobile device or desktop browser to their big screen. The HDMI dongle works with Android and iOS devices, as well as Chrome for Mac and Windows.

Although it is a year old, Google's streaming device recently launched in the UK for £30.