Google's Chromecast dongle should be slipping into UK TVs very soon. And the reasons for expecting this are many.

Firstly, a recent Chromecast app update made it available in 50 new languages, suggesting an international rollout is imminent. Secondly, Google's Sundar Pichai, at SXSW Interactive, said that the HDMI dongle would come to "many more countries" in the coming weeks. Lastly, a Currys employee tweeted a photo of several Chromecast dongles in a display package ready to go onto UK shelves.

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The recent app update has also brought with it better support for music, video and photo apps. After digging into the code Android Police found references to "TV offers" and 5GHz Wi-Fi support.

No exact release date has been even mentioned by anyone. If Google plans to release on a unified international date that would explain units arriving at a UK Currys without an exact sales date - other countries may still be waiting to receive theirs.

Google's Chromecast is $35 in the US but a UK price is yet to be announced.

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