Google Chromecast sales have been growing, with more countries planned soon, Sundar Pichai, Google SVP of Android and Chrome, announced at SXSW on Sunday. 

"We are in the millions now, and it's growing very actively," Pichai told the crowd at the Austin, TX conference. It marked the first sales figure released for the TV streaming gadget, seen as an impulse buy given its mere $35 price tag. 

Pichai added the Chromecast will be available in more countries in the coming weeks. The executive didn't detail countries specifically, but there's been plenty of evidence the UK will be on the list. Until now, the Chromecast has only been officially available in the US. 

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UK retailer Currys had previously said to expect the Chromecast to be available on 1 March, but then added the date was “provisional”. We've yet to hear how much it will cost in the UK, but may know for sure in the coming weeks.