Google is yet to release its Chromecast media dongle outside of the US but those interested in the device in the UK can now get their hands on one through And it won't cost the Earth.

The online retailer now allows for international shipping of the product, which means that for a fee you can have one delivered to your home in the UK. There are reports that orders from other countries are also being accepted, including Australia, so if you don't want to wait for an official, localised version, you can get one even within two days of placing the order.

Android Central successfully placed an order from the UK for a Chromecast, which cost them $35 for the device itself, which worked out as £22.59. There are two shipping options, one for £5.79 for standard eight to 14 days delivery or you can get the device delivered on a faster turnaround, within two days, for £21.28. Choose the former and the Google dongle will set you back around £34 including import fees. That's roughly the same we'd expect the Chromecast to cost in the UK on launch.

The cost is also a darn sight cheaper than many grey importers are charging for one on eBay.

It is worth noting that the APK set-up files are only available in the US, but there are methods to download and install them outside of the country. You will also not be able to access US Netflix at present.