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(Pocket-lint) - On the heels of Apple reportedly shopping an ad-skipping feature for its premium TV service, a new report has claimed that Google is also pitching an online TV service to media companies.

The Wall Street Journal reported on Tuesday - citing people familiar with the matter - that Google is in talks with media companies about licensing content for an Internet TV service. The over-the-top service apparently differs from services like Netflix, because Google aims to stream traditional TV programming over the Internet.

Google essentially wants consumers to surf through conventional channels just as they would normally. This would contrast with the company's existing Google TV product, though, which has attempted to supersede traditional cable with on-demand content from Internet sources.

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Although the report doesn't specify which media companies Google has approached in recent months, Google has apparently provided a demonstration of the product to programmers at least once. Google has also tried to pitch its TV service in the past - but discussions fell flat. However, due to the changing market and additional talks with major players like Apple and Intel, television providers are more willing and interested in streaming.

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There's no word on whether Google will be able to ink a licensing deal, but the company does have experience in the TV sector with its Google TV platform and new television service that's bundled with Google Fiber in select US states. Let's also not forget YouTube - Google's most successful Internet TV product to date.

Writing by Elyse Betters.