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(Pocket-lint) - Google has promised Google TV product launches from new partners Asus, Hisense, TCL and others at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, reigniting rumours that Asus could be about to launch Asus Qube.

The Qube is expected to be a small set-top box that pairs directly with a wireless dongle to provide wireless keyboard and touchpad access to control it - basically, a much-improved Nexus Q.

The rumours tie in with a report last year from The Verge which suggested Google and Asus were working on a new Nexus set-top box that supported pictures as well as audio.

Google's Nexus Q had a very ominous launch last summer and didn't stay on the market for long through lack of support.

There hasn't been any sighting of a set-top box portion of the Qube, but the wireless dongle did appear across the desk of the FCC computer regulatory body in November.

Aside from the dongle, two apps designed for the Qube made their way prematurely on to Google Play as the O!Mobile Remote and O!Mobile Control Center, both of which have a very prototype look to them. 

As you can see, the sum of parts add up to perhaps make more than they should, but they do all point in the right direction.

Those looking for something a little more concrete will be pleased to hear that LG is on schedule to launch two Google TV sets at the show: the GA7900 and GA6400.

They will come in various sizes, feature LED display technology and sport LG's proprietary Cinema 3D TV tech that will work with the company's own passive 3D glasses.

With many big companies signing on to the platform, the folks at Google say Google TV is available from nine partners in 10 countries around the world. That's similar to what it was saying last year, but not many of us have a Google TV set in our homes yet.

We'll certainly be watching to see how Google TV performs in 2013. 

Pocket-lint will be hands-on with any Google TV product announcements at CES

Writing by Jake Smith. Originally published on 16 April 2013.