Google TV may not have been the rip-roaring success that the Big G would have hoped for but, the message from the search giant is clear - there should definitely be a "yet" added to that statement.

Speaking at the Le Web conference in Paris this week, former Google CEO, current chairman, Eric Schmidt made it clear that the Google TV revolution is still firmly on course and the company expects to see widespread adoption for its IPTV platform next year.

"There's a lot of people who are concerned about the future of television, so we though 'is there a way to integrate the internet and television in a new way', so we took Android and Chrome....and combined them and stuck them inside a television," he said

"We've just released version 2 and, by the summer of 2012, the majority of televisions you see will have Google TV embedded in it. Again a similar strategy to what we did with Android. The price is free from Google. You will, of course, be paying for the television."

The "majority of televisions" statement is a far cry from Google TV's current standing. It launched originally at then end of last year with Logitech; who has since dropped its interest, and Sony; who has had to offer massive price cuts to shift its devices.

We've seen the platform demoed with Samsung, however, so maybe Schmidt is aware that there will be plenty of other manufacturers showing off their Google TV tech in the new year - possibly at CES in January.

As for entering directly into the TV business, as per the Apple iTV rumours, Schmidt stated that it has "never been discussed at Google" but didn't rule it out - saying simply "you never know".