Google TV, the IPTV service from the search giant that's had a stuttering start, could be making the trip from the US to British soil after all. 

According to the Telegraph, Google's Eric Schmidt is planning to announce the service's final UK arrival at this years MacTaggart lecture at the Edinburgh Television Festival. 

For those yet to come across Google TV, it is essentially the company's own take on things like TiVo and other Internet connected set-top-boxes. Inside Google TV is a special version of Android with a Chrome browser built in.

The box allows you to do things like browse the Internet, view HD content on YouTube and utilise applications. Multitasking means being able to do things like check Twitter feeds whilst watching the football, or update Facebook with a video you have found on YouTube. 

Google's acquisition of Motorola, as well as media server software provider SageTV, could mean major changes for the service. Given the relatively slow pickup of Google TV in the US, it is entirely possible that the company is having a rethink, especially with technology like TiVo and Sky Plus being so strong. 

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UPDATE: Schmidt confirms Google TV in UK and Europe for “early next year”

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