Google has announced that the preview version of the Google TV add-on for the Android SDK has gone live, letting developers get to work on apps for Google TV devices.

"With the upcoming OS update to Honeycomb, Google TV devices will be Android compatible," said Ambarish Kenghe, Google TV product manager. "That means developers can build great new Android apps for TV, optimise existing mobile or tablet apps for TV, and distribute those apps through Android Market."

The add-on emulates the IPTV service, giving boffins access to things like the TV channel line-up so they can start to produce the Honeycomb-flavoured apps.

"These are still early days for Google TV, and this release is another step in providing developer tools for the big screen, said Kenghe.

"While the number of apps available on TV will initially be small, we expect that through this early release of the add-on you'll be able to bring optimized TV apps into the ecosystem more quickly."

Could this be the start of a Rocky-style Google TV comeback? Hammered onto the ropes by the massive Logitech Revue price slash, dropped to its knees by the blow of Sony cutting its Google TV prices too - could Android apps on the platform be the Adrian-style boost the Big G needs to regain its composure and come out swinging?