Google wants its new Google TV devices to be successful, just like any company hopes its latest product launch will be. However Google's sure fire way of making that happen, it seems, is to give them away, and give them away by the truck load in the US.

Not only has the company just given away 2500 Google TV boxes to all the attendees of Adobe's MAX conference in the US, but has now promised to give away a further 6500 devices in the coming weeks.

"We want to encourage a new generation of TV developers to come forward to make this vision a reality. Which is why, over the next few weeks, we’re planning to give away 10000 Google TV devices to help developers start building for TV", says Google.

"This morning, we gave away more than 3000 Google TV devices to attendees of the Adobe MAX conference. Additionally, we’ll be reaching out to thousands of web developers in the Google Code community to offer them a free device".

So how can you get in on the action if you weren’t at Adobe’s conference or a part of the Google code community? Simple says Google - just write them a letter.

If you are a professional web developer who wants to help make the Google TV experience even better, and don’t happen to fall into one of those two groups, all you have to do is submit your details to the Google TV Web Developer Promotion.

“Developers” will have to include a short summary about the type of interesting website they want to create or optimize for Google TV.

“We’re planning to select 2500 winners from those entries to receive a free Google TV device”, says Google.

Those interested will have until 3 November to submit there requests to Google to be in with a chance of getting one.

Annoyingly you'll have to either live in the US or work for a US-based company.

The news comes as Vimeo announced it has launched a Google TV-friendly website called Vimeo couch mode this week.

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