Sony has already confirmed that it will be launching a Google TV enabled TV or device with Google in the US, when the service launches in time for the "Holidays".

However, what it didn't say at its keynote speech at IFA in Berlin, was that it would have a video running on a TV tucked away from the main crowds for us to see what to expect.

Lucky for you then, Pocket-lint found the TV, and snapped away so we could share the goodies with you.

According to the video you'll be able to search your video and TV content at the press of a remote, as well as the web, and dedicated Google services like YouTube and Picasca alongside non Google offerings like Twitter and Wikipedia.

The menu systems looks to be broken down into a number of different areas:

Most visited, Bookmarks, What's On TV, Google playlist, Applications, YouTube Most Popular, and Sony Recommends.

The Most Visited isn't, it appears, just web pages but the whole system - be it applications or webpages - while Applications should pave the way for stacks of extra features like games and productivity apps all from your TV.

If the video is anything to go by, the whole process looks incredibly easy to use; add this to Sony's already impressive bevy of Internet services like iPlayer, and it could mean this is one to look out for. We especially like the handy Google maps integration so you can see where you're going without booting up your laptop.

Powered by Intel, delivered by Sony, run on Google; expect Google TV to give Apple TV a very good run for its money when it launches later this year in the US.