Google TV chief Vincent Dureau has revealed that yesterday's launch came on the back of 2.5 years of preparation. Speaking to the Android Developers blog, Dureau said that it began "with a vision of a walled garden of TV-optimized web services. But the landscape keeps shifting, particularly in the capabilities of mobile devices. The only solution big enough for the problem is to bring the whole web to your TV".

When questioned as to why people need Google TV exactly, Dureau pointed to the example of the phone, which until 2 years ago he says, were mostly just for making calls on and now do a lot more. He said the TV should follow the phone's lead.

"We believe that TV can be used for more than just video", he said. "Also, there’s not enough shelf space for the stuff on TV, not even with online channel guides and your PVR access and your racks full of disks. The shelf space should be as big as the web".

Initially Dureau stated that, in terms of apps, Google TV will launch with Chrome, so apps are then available via both Android and the web app store. Netflix, Amazon and Listen should also be preloaded. Long term, there will be TV specialist apps that take into account screen sizes and will feature mash ups between TV content and what's on the Web.

Dureau said that developers should be excited about the launch. "They’ve always had access to the desktop", he said. "With mobile devices, they managed to get into your pocket. Google TV brings them into the living room, which is where people live".

Google TV is being bigged up in a serious fashion. We think it could be huge. But what about you lot? Game changer or not? Give us your thoughts below.