The market for web-enabled televisions is still relatively young. While many manufacturers are beginning to put applications like Skype, Twitter and Facebook on their top-end televisions, most consumers haven't even got a TV with an Ethernet connection, let alone one with web apps.

So Google has partnered with Intel and Sony to try and gain a foothold in the emerging market by fusing its Android platform with set-top boxes and televisions from Sony. It'll mean that Google's platform of web apps will be accessible from your remote, along with a few of the other biggest internet platforms. What's more, it'll be open to third-party developers.

Logitech's also joining the party, and will be providing peripherals for the system, including a remote with a dinky little QWERTY keyboard on it. The project has been ongoing for some months, shrouded in secrecy, but word is now starting to leak out. For the moment, however, spokespeople for Google, Intel and Logitech have refused to comment.

We expect that we'll hear more in time about Google TV. When we do, we'll bring you full details.