The P800 is the latest in a line-up of "multimedia HDDs" and will give users the facility to play, view, listen and record digital media.

It features a single Freeview tuner (as well as an analogue TV tuner), so you can plug your TV aerial to record programmes via the EPG, or pause live TV.

To hook-up to your TV, the P800 features HDMI and Component connections. Additional video-in connections are provided so you can attach an external device, such as a VCR, to record from.

Storing all your media is thanks to a 250GB external hard drive which plugs into the bottom. The drive comes with both a bespoke connection and a Mini-USB, so it can be used as a regular external hard drive with your PC.

The P800 also features USB and a multicard reader, widening the diversity of options to store and read media.

You'll be able to hard wire the P800 into your home network via the Ethernet connection on the back, enabling internet radio and media streaming from your PC. It will also support Wi-Fi if you opt to purchase Emtec's Wi-Fi dongle as an extra.

The P800 will be available in the UK from PC World at a price of £249.99. We have the P800 in our possession, so will let you know exactly what it will and won't do very shortly with a full review.