Sharp has announced two new Freeview twin-tuner digital "DTRs" (digital TV recorders) available in the run-up to Christmas.

The TU-TV162H and the TU-TV252H have Freeview+ functionality and come with a free one month trial of Top Up TV (TUTV) Anytime and Picture Box.

The TU-TV162H offers 160GB of hard drive - said to be good for 80 hours worth of recordings, whilst the TU-TV252H comes with 250GB - or up to 125 hours of available disc space.

Both models come fitted with one-touch recording functionality and the ability to pause and rewind live TV as well as other Freeview+ features such as series recording.

The twin digital tuners and split recording function allow for simultaneous two channel recording whilst watching a pre-recorded programme.

Both are also offered with Setanta Sports free of charge (apart from a £20 connection fee) for a minimum of nine months if registered before 31 December.

Available in a mirror effect and black unit with blue function lights, the PVRs will go on sale on November. The TU-TV162H will be priced at £129.99 and the TU-TV252H will be priced at £149.99.