Freeview has announced the re-branding of its Freeview Playback digital TV recorders as Freeview+. Over the coming months the Freeview+ name will roll out across retail and packaging, in a new push to "drive awareness", and sales, of equipment.

As many readers will already know, the difference with Freeview+ boxes over "normal" Freeview is that they offer a variety of integrated digital recording features including series record, one touch record from an eight-day programme guide and functionality to pause live TV – like Sky+ and V+.

Rob Farmer, director of marketing communications at Freeview, said: "There's over one third of a million Freeview digital TV recorders in households - and that's been achieved with relatively little marketing support".

"We are now upping our efforts and since 'plus' has entered the vernacular in recent years, we think it makes sense to reposition ourselves to take advantage of that."