TVonics has developed a "miniaturised" Freeview set-top box. The MFR-300 micro Freeview receiver, is no bigger than a deck of cards - so small enough to be hidden behind the TV set.

Ideal for older televisions, it requires no SCART cable but plugs in to the aerial socket to convert any analogue TV to digital for up to 40 channels of free programming.

Measuring 7 x 2.7 x 5.4cm, it offers an eight-day, on-screen TV guide plus subtitles with Freeview Audio Description decoding.

In addition, the TVonics MFR-300 is claimed to be energy efficient, using 4.7 Watts in operation and 1.5 in standby with auto-standby switch off functionality.

The TVonics MFR-300 will cost around the £50 mark and is available from John Lewis and Comet, as well as directly from the RNIB and TVonics online web store.