Sagem has announced new "green" set-top boxes, the ITD58NG and ITD59NG.

Whilst doing what you'd expect from a set-top box with access to over 30 Freeview channels, the two new offerings are especially energy efficient.

The devices have a power consumption of less than 5 watts while in operation and less than 2 watts in standby mode.

Said to be quick and easy to install, with connection to your telly via SCART, both units are slim, measuring 150 x 135 x 40mm.

The ITD58NG ECO offers a Now/Next Programme Guide feature which enables you to view TV listings for the current day while the ITD59NG ECO has a 7 day EPG.

Available now from high street retailers and some supermarkets, the ITD58NG ECO is priced at £24.99 with the ITD59NG ECO costing £29.99.