Goodmans has launched two new Freeview Playback DTR/PVRs.

The first model (GHD8020F2) has an 80GB hard drive which allows for over 35 hours of recording.

It has "One Touch Digital Set Up" and will be available next month priced at around £130.00.

The second model (GHD1621F2) has a 160GB disk on which will let you record over 70 hours of viewing.

This model also has twin tuners, allowing you to watch one channel whilst recording another.

It will have a swanky mirrored finish, and will arrive in the shops in October.

Freeview Playback is something that we'll all be seeing a lot more of in the coming months, it's basically Freeview+.

You get the same 40 Freeview channels as before but with the added benefit of being able to pause, record and rewind at the touch of a button and with no subscription.

Both models will also offer the Series Linkage Freeview Playback features giving the option of recording an entire TV series at the touch of a button.