Sporting an HDMI out, the Goodmans GDB15HD has built-in high-definition upscaling technology that claims to take your normal Freeview TV signal and transform it to a resolution of 1080i for you to enjoy on your HD-ready TV.

Although 1080i ("i" stands for interlaced signal) is the lesser quality of the two 1080 resolutions (1080p - for progressive scan - is better) it still seems a marvellous feat to upscale the Freeview signal, for a product that only costs 50 quid.

We will give the budget brand the benefit of the doubt until our home cinema bods have had a proper chance to test it, amd hopefully we'll all be pleasantly surprised.

The Goodmans GDB15HD is simple to install and has auto set-up and there is a 7-day EPG for easy programming.

Other features worthy of note are Digital teletext,
(DVB) subtitles, "now and next" EPG, two SCART sockets,
one SCART lead is supplied and batteries for the remote are thrown in too.

The Goodmans GDB15HD is £49.99 in Argos.