Feeling the pressure from cable and Sky services, Freeview has announced plans to launch a digital TV recorder brand, ‘Freeview Playback’.

The move follows an announcement last month that Sky now has over 1,430,000 digital video subscribers of its Sky+ service and seems to be designed to inform the public that the company doesn't just make boxes that give you more channels.

Cary Wakefield, Freeview General Manager said, “Freeview’s success to date has been based upon offering viewers a simple way to get digital television. The launch of Freeview Playback is crucial to driving consumer understanding and uptake and will help to clearly define the category.”

The ‘Freeview Playback’ brand is expected to be launched around September 2006.

Freeview offers over 30 free digital television channels as well as over 20 free digital radio stations through a rooftop aerial.

It is backed by the BBC, National Grid Wireless, BSkyB, ITV and Channel 4, however recent research by the company has shown that there is little consumer awareness of digital TV recorders.